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Explanation of Terms

Explanation of Terms

The following descriptions explain terms used in the regulation in accordance with s.23(1A) of the 2000 Act.

Caption: Explanation of Terms
Term used in 2000 Act Explanation of term
"Child" and "Children" Any references to the term 'child' or 'children' in the Regulations and Guide include any person who is accommodated in a children's home and is not employed in the home or in relation to it. This will include, for example, a young person who was placed at the home as a looked-after child and has continued to remain at the home after their 18th birthday while they are completing their studies at school. Children’s homes may accommodate adults provided that the home remains 'wholly or mainly for children' as required by section 1 of the 2000 Act.
Registered Provider A person who is registered under Part 2 of the 2000 Act as the person carrying on the children’s home. The registered provider can be an individual, a partnership, or an organisation. If they are an organisation, they must appoint a responsible individual and registered manager. If they are a partnership, they must appoint a registered manager.
Responsible Individual (RI) If the registered provider is an organisation, they must appoint a Responsible Individual. The Responsible Individual must be a director, manager, secretary, or other officer of the organisation. The role of the Responsible Individual is to supervise the management of the home(s).
Registered Manager If the registered provider is an organisation or partnership, they must appoint a registered manager. If the registered provider is an individual, they may manage the home if they meet the requirements in Part 3 of the Regulations.

The registered manager is normally different from the Responsible Individual (where one is appointed) because one manages the home and the other supervises the management.
Registered Person Any person who is the registered provider or registered manager of a home.

If a home has both a registered provider and a registered manager, anything required under the Regulations to be done by the "registered person", if done by one of the registered persons, is not required to be done by any of the other registered persons.

Last Updated: February 9, 2022