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How this Guide works

How this Guide works

This Guide is divided into two sections. Section 1 covers the Quality Standards. For each standard it provides:

  1. The text of the relevant regulation;
  2. An explanation of specific terms in the regulation; and
  3. Guidance that supplements the regulation.

Section 2 provides guidance to supplement matters relating to the management and administrative regulations (Parts 3 to 7 of the Regulations).

The Guide is not a comprehensive and exhaustive set of instructions for those carrying on or managing a children’s home and has intentionally been kept to a minimum. Many of the regulations speak for themselves and so the Guide does not provide further information on them. The presence or absence of a reference to any provision of the regulations in the Guide does not have any bearing on the regulation’s status – the registered person of the home is required to meet all of the Regulations.

Similarly the Guide attempts to signpost to publications, research and guidance of interest. Such references are not intended to be exhaustive. It remains the responsibility of those running children’s homes to seek out the relevant material to ensure that they comply with the law and provide children with the best possible care.

Last Updated: February 9, 2022