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HMCI (Ofsted) is the registration authority for children’s homes and as registration authority regulates and inspects children’s homes.

The purpose of Ofsted’s inspection of children’s homes is to assess the quality of care being provided for children. Inspection focuses on the outcomes that children are being supported to achieve. It tests compliance with the relevant regulations, and has regard to this Guide. [3]

Ofsted are required to inspect each children’s home at least twice per year. At least one of these inspections will be a full inspection. Following a full inspection, inspectors will make a number of judgements, including a judgement on the overall progress and experiences of children living in the home. The other inspection will usually be an interim inspection. From April 2015 if inspectors identify a failure to meet a regulation, Ofsted will set requirements that the registered person must meet. In determining whether a regulation has been met, Ofsted will take into account how the registered person is following this Guide. Any failure to meet regulations may lead to consideration of enforcement action. Inspectors will also make recommendations for improvement.

[3] Ofsted framework for inspection of children's homes

Last Updated: February 9, 2022