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Who is this Guide for?

Who is this Guide for?

This Guide is for all those involved with the care of children (and in some cases those aged 18 or over (regulation 1(2)(b))) in children’s homes and particularly those who are subject to the Regulations.

Key settings subject to the Regulations are:

  • Children’s homes;
  • Children’s homes that provide short break care;
  • Secure children’s homes; and
  • Residential special schools or boarding schools who accommodate children for more than 295 days per year.

Some regulations have been modified or do not apply to children’s homes that provide short break care or secure children’s homes. Detail about any modifications to the Regulations, or regulations that do not apply, appear at the end of the relevant section in this Guide and are set out in regulation 52 and schedule 5 of the Regulations.

Last Updated: February 9, 2022